INSI Technical And Social Infrastructure

INSI’s technical infrastructure services consist of

Collecting and digitizing all underground and above ground installations of thermal energy, water supply network, irrigation, drainage, sewage, telecommunication, and waste collection; and Infrastructure management that includes the assessment of an inventory of existing local technical infrastructure of local and central level importance, showing the extent, locations, and capacities of such infrastructure; Estimating future needs for technical infrastructure by identifying needed capacities for expanded or new infrastructure and municipal technical and financial capacities to implement the necessary technical infrastructure capacities.

Our social infrastructure services consist of:

• Collecting and digitising public and social amenities by creating an inventory of existing social buildings and spaces such as cultural, sportive, fishing, hunting, libraries for the community, public parks, cemeteries, and other similar services
• Estimating needs for space and future construction for all social services and assessing technical and financial capacities to implement all buildings and spaces necessary for social services.

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